Don’t tell me I need a Network Upgrade !

By Tom McDonald | Dec 4, 2012 3:52:00 PM

Well, you probably do.  Regardless of how skilled your IT Support, Network Admin or Computer Services are, if you are a business owner you will be faced with upgrades. This is the reality of what it takes to run a business in today’s competitive market.  What if NSI stopped upgrading?  How would we stay in business and maintain our ability to provide services like TotalCare, Data Backup and Recovery, Remote Help Desk Services, On Site Computer Maintenance and Printer Repair?  We would stink, and no one would want our antiquated service offerings. 

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New VIDEO: Remote Computer Support has a name, or two.

By Tom McDonald | Nov 13, 2012 10:04:00 AM

What are Managed IT Services, Managed Services, Remote Monitor and Remediation, Remote IT Solutions, Help Desk Network Support Services?  So many terms…

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A Day in the Life - one IT support issue, two scenarios

By Tom McDonald | Aug 7, 2012 5:20:00 PM

Why choosing the right IT service provider matters now, more than ever.  You’re a business owner.  It’s 8:30am and your cell phone rings.  It’s the office; your faithful early bird employee who opens the doors and gets ahead of it before the whirlwind of the day takes flight sounds distraught.  The Server is down.  There is no email.  And, the report you need for your meeting won’t be waiting on your desk. 

You find a way to print some of the information at home, and head in to the office.  When you arrive, everyone is standing around talking about the situation, “how long will we be down?”  Naturally, other social topics evolve from the conversation, and soon everyone is engaged.

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8 Things to ask when choosing the right Managed Services Provider for your IT needs

By Tom McDonald | Mar 24, 2011 10:09:00 AM

Our last article, 5 Different Managed Service Provider (MSP) price models, how to choose the best one for your SMB, focused on the pricing models of different MSPs and how that would relate to your own business. This article focuses on what they actually cover and what to look for in the contract itself. Here are 7 topic areas that you should ask your MSP before signing the contract:

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4 Ways Virtualization helps with Disaster Recovery - Network Support team explains

By Tom McDonald | Mar 3, 2011 9:13:00 AM

NSI CT Network Support Team explains why virtualization is the key, and asks: If your IT center were to shut down how long could your business stay open? Would you still be able to function in the short run or is everything completely stopped if you don't have access to your IT center? These are some very important questions to ask if you run a business that relies on computers and the internet to function. For every hour that your systems are off line that is revenue lost to your business. By having your servers virtualized you not only save money by reducing hardware and energy consumption, but also increase your ability to recover if a disaster should occur.

Recover to any hardware

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