A Day in the Life - one IT support issue, two scenarios

Why choosing the right IT service provider matters now, more than ever.  You’re a business owner.  It’s 8:30am and your cell phone rings.  It’s the office; your faithful early bird employee who opens the doors and gets ahead of it before the whirlwind of the day takes flight sounds distraught.  The Server is down.  There is no email.  And, the report you need for your meeting won’t be waiting on your desk. 

You find a way to print some of the information at home, and head in to the office.  When you arrive, everyone is standing around talking about the situation, “how long will we be down?”  Naturally, other social topics evolve from the conversation, and soon everyone is engaged.


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You call your service provider, “IT Services, and Lawn Care by Mr. G”, and leave a message in a voicemail box.  The waiting begins.  Mr. G and his guy have always done their best to get back to you quickly, and you hope today is no different.

Now, let’s rewind:  Same day, different network support provider.

It’s 8:15am and your cell phone rings.  It’s Gordie from  “Proactive Super Affordable Managed Services, Inc.”  He informs you, your servers experienced an interruption of service, and he is working to resolve the issue, remotely, as he speaks with you.

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You arrive at the office.  Your report is on your desk, and each employee is hard at work. 

Choosing the right kind of support for your IT, matters.  It matters so much, we developed a list of 16 Questions to help business owners weigh their options when it comes to choosing an IT solutions provider.  The term “Managed Services” is not on the tip of your tongue.  I know this, because I am frequently asked, “What exactly ARE Managed Services?”  The best answers come from real stories, from actual customers, and show the difference between a managed, and unmanaged network. 

Please consider clicking the link above, to download your copy of NSI’s 16 Questions Guide.  I am always available, should you have any questions. You may reach me by choosing "I'd like more info". (Well... clicking the button sends me an inquiry, I won't suddenly be transported to your office!)

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