5 Most Common Office Printer Problems

By Tom McDonald | Jun 10, 2015 8:30:00 AM

There is a scene is the popular movie "Office Space" where the lead characters take the company’s fax machine out to an open field and destroy it with a baseball bat.

Connecticut small business owners with printer problems may be familiar with this feeling. Office printer problems can slow down productivity, frustrate employees and managers and take attention away from the company’s true objective — serving its customers.

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PRINTER REPAIR - IT Support Company's True Confessions

By Tom McDonald | Apr 9, 2013 11:03:00 AM

We provide IT Support to small businesses throughout New England and one thing is for sure: People don't think printers are very cool.  You would tell a stranger about a new set of tires for your car, before you would mention a new printer.  Why is that?  Although printers have kept pace with technology, (they have touchscreens, usb ports, wireless capabilities, and sleek designs) they aren't at the lunch table with the cool kids: tablets, servers, laptops, and pcs.

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Network IT Support - Where to cut corners, and where to invest.

By Tom McDonald | Jul 11, 2012 6:02:00 PM

IT Support.  Where to cut corners, and where to invest when it comes to your IT:  Wouldn’t it be nice if there really was a money tree, and we could harvest an almost endlesssupply of cash?   The reality is, we are always weighing the odds.  Always.  If you are a business owner, this never stops. Frequently asked questions include:

“What do I have?”

“What do I need?”

“How much can I afford?”

“What about the rest?” 

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NSI president and Xerox CEO Come Together to Promote the Partner Channel in CRN article

By Tom McDonald | May 26, 2011 10:20:00 AM

Xerox has been undergoing lots of changes over the past few years, with CEO Ursula Burns heading the helm for the past 2 years, she has changed Xerox from the inside out in hopes to transform them from just a printer/toner manufacturer, into a more diverse IT provider that utilizes the Partner Channel.

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Xerox offers free extended warranties on printers for trying their free eConcierge program

By Tom McDonald | May 20, 2011 9:52:00 AM

Xerox eConcierge is giving extended warranties to users of their eConcierge program. If you haven’t heard of eConcierge we covered it in our previous blog post. It’s a great client for SMB’s who wish to save time and money by using Xerox’s software to monitor all their printers from one location. Xerox makes it simple by informing you whenever your ink is getting low from Xerox and other branded printers. But what makes it truly time saving is the fact that they provide you with a link to the exact ink cartridge you need to replace, no need to search for the model number of the printer or the specific ink cartridge number.

To make this offering even more tempting Xerox is giving its users the ability to extend their printers warranty, for all Xerox printers and multifunction printers. To qualify you only have to download the free eConcierge client for a minimum of 30 days and order 2 ink supplies through the program. After doing this you get a free extended warranty on the device that is good for as long as you continue using eConcierge. Being that you will have to order ink no matter how you look at it and Xerox has made sure to have competitive pricing for their ink, it makes sense for any SMB to get a free extended warranty on their expensive hardware, while at the same time saving time and money utilizing Xerox’s free software. Of course there are no obligations to continue using eConcierge program and you can uninstall it at any point. So check out eConcierge powered by Xerox and see how you can get a free $300 extended warranty for buying products that you use every day.

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Check out the Basics of eConcierge powered by Xerox

By Tom McDonald | Apr 28, 2011 9:10:00 AM

eConcierge powered by Xerox is a new pilot program being implemented to help SMB’s Manage their printers easier and most efficiently. Xerox’s eConcierge program installs a small client onto your computer finding each of your printers on your network; this client monitors each of your printers and gives you all the information about each of your printers allowing you to easily manage them from a single location. 

What makes eConcierge really powerful is its ability to notify you, either through pop up notifications or via email that your toner levels are getting low and instead of having to manually check the printer periodically, find the model number and then find the associated toner cartridges through an online store and wait for the order to arrive. Using eConcierge powered by Xerox, you have all the printer info stored in the program, when the ink is low you are sent the notification and a link to the store giving you the exact ink cartridge that works with your printer with competitive pricing. You just click order and the cartridge is on its way.

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IT Service Provider Knows: 8 Ways To Save Money on IT Support - Today

By Tom McDonald | Feb 9, 2011 4:56:00 PM
For many business owners, spending money on IT Services, Network Support, Technology Assessments, Upgrades Analysis, or IT Consulting is daunting. Especially if it is an area in which you have only a little expertise.  We see customers struggle with these decisions, every day, and we advise them to follow a few guidelines to ensure they are not wasting money.  Here they are:

  1. Know what you have.  Get an accurate inventory of your equipment and software.  You should know the make and model of all your pcs, servers and printers.  Along with the types and versions of the operating system and applications.  Make sure you know when your software licenses expire.
  2. Stay consistent and standardize across the board.  You don’t have to do it all at once, but make a plan and stick to it, keep everything the same.  Operating System (version and release), PC’s and laptops same makes and models all imaged and configured the same.  Why is this important – if everyone is on the same “stuff”, you or your IT provider only trouble shoot one problem instead of ten, this will save you time which saves you money.
  3. Stay current on all required software updates. Lacking the software updates required can expose your company to viruses and other security risks. It’s a good idea to check for updates regularly. Doing so can prevent your PC from crashing (spyware removal) or having to install the updates when it's not convenient for you.  And while you're at it, keep all software media, license agreements and installation codes locked up.
  4. Install only licensed and authorized software programs. Make sure that you or your company has a license for any software you install on your computer.  Don’t let users install their own software, as the business owner the PC is your asset.  Installing that program your friend “gave you” can lead to enormous piracy liability, virus infections and major operating system and application instability, DON’T DO IT.
  5. Do you have a UPS?  Do you know what it stands for?  It stands for uninterruptable power supply.  And it will protect your computer and your phones from brownouts, blackouts, surges and sags?  Without it you are vulnerable.  Plug your server, phone systems and critical PC’s into this today.  You are not done, make sure to test it and check the logs on a regular basis.
  6. Printers – you have them, do you know how many?  Do you know how much toner/ink they use?  Do you have any idea on what you spend on that toner and ink?  Find out today by taking inventory or hire someone to do it for you, collect the make and model.  Check your supplies, find out how much they cost, check and see how many you have bought in the last year.  You can’t do anything until you know, so step one is gathering the information.  You may have older printers that use lots of electricity and expensive toner, get rid of them and buy a couple new multi-function devices, they print, scan and fax.  The newer units are faster, cheaper and better. 
  7. Use virus detection software and keep it up to date,  make sure every PC, notebook and server in your office is licensed for antivirus software, has antivirus software installed and properly configured—and most importantly KEEP IT CURRENT you need to refresh at least once every two weeks.
  8. Scan each computer on your network regularly for spyware and adware, see #7 – same story.
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Your old printer is costing you money, IT Service Provider explains:

By Tom McDonald | Jan 5, 2011 3:47:00 PM

Think you’re saving money by not investing in new printers for your business? Think again. Many IT Service Providers do not specialize in printers, but we do, and we see legacy equipment in offices, every day.

Technology moves fast, bringing new benefits, not only in higher performance, but also reduced cost. If your printer is three to five years old, a new multifunction device provides many benefits including:

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