$2,795 Vulnerability Analysis

Validate Your IT's Security Effectiveness

Most breaches happen when we rely solely on IT Admins to oversee cyber security. The problem is that setup guides are geared toward "OPEN," and without anticipating worse case scenarios, most networks are left vulnerable to ransomware, control and command attacks and much more.

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Go from Medium to Advanced Security 

Companies who rely on IT Admins stand to benefit the most from this analysis. Our vulnerability analysis is conducted by credentialed cyber security experts who understand how hackers crack defenses that IT departments typically implement.


  • Honest evaluation of current security posture
  • Actionable plan aligned to industry threats, timeline and budget
  • Reduce ransomware risk by avg. of 256%*
  • Presented in business terms, not just a to-do list
  • 1 to 2-week analysis turnaround**


*cybersecurity training for staff for 6 months for up to 20 people.

**expedited results are available upon request

Our Vulnerability Analysis Process


Data Gathering
  • Understanding your business
  • Performing network scans
  • Searching web for publicly-available sensitive information
Gaps analysis

Gaps in best practices:

  • Protecting from threats
  • Detecting incidents 
  • Responding to incidents
Practical Solutions
  • Interactive, consultative executive briefing behind “closed doors”
  • Prioritized, actionable recommendations
  • Supportive documentation

Vulnerability Assessment Comparison Chart

Vulnerability Analysis vs Pen Tests vs Scanners

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