Outsourced Cyber Security Services You can Trust

It used to be enough to turn on anti-virus software, install firewalls and to do an annual security awareness training. But not any more. Now, we need constant human monitoring that adapts to today's threats, advanced end-point detection that leverages AI and machine learning, SIEM and a Security-Operations Center (SOC) for quick and specialized breach response. 

There's a lot we need to be on top of all the time, and even with the best layers, we still need to assume that the worst may happen at some point.

Our core security principals are simple. We aim to:

  1. Make it really hard for bad actors to break through
  2. Make it easy for us to detect and react if an actor breaks in
  3. Respond quickly and effectively to minimize potential damage 

Free Cyber Security Awareness Training

Made for Connecticut businesses

Almost a quarter of Connecticut businesses suffered data breaches
According to the 2018 Cybersecurity Survey of Connecticut Businesses, almost a quarter of Connecticut businesses suffered data breaches or cyberattacks in the last two years.
76% of employees use the same password
Recent studies showing that 76% of employees will use the same password or a derivative of the same password when they log on and off their network. 80% of breaches occurred as a direct result of compromised passwords.
Small businesses are targeted in 43% of cyber attacks
Ransom-seeking cyber criminals will specifically target small businesses 43% of the time.
56% of breaches took months or longer to discover
The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report explains that it takes at least one month to discover a data breach.


Security Awareness Training

Prevent your staff from accidentally letting cyber criminals get in. Web-based lessons make Security Awareness Training (SAT) easy for all involved. Includes phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, data protection and compliance training.

Risk Profiling and DNS Protection

DNS protection is a domain-level filtering service designed to provide granular control over internet access, regardless of the device being used and risk profiling is a metrics-based alerting system that measures attack vectors against system configurations and more.

Endpoint Protection

If hacker manage to break in, then what? This is where endpoint protection matters; it identifies threats quickly and stops them. We have two options here, a best-in-class technology by Webroot, or an enterprise-level technology by Continuum that includes SOC (Security Operations Center) support.

Network & Compliance

If your industry has heavy compliance requirements, this solution is our most advanced and capable of meeting those types of needs.