Made For Connecticut Businesses


Naugatuck, CT: NSI, an IT Support and Cyber Security firm, announced the creation of the first and only free security awareness training course for employees of Connecticut businesses. It’s a major move for NSI on its mission to help small businesses protect themselves from growing cyber threats. 

“Many small companies get breached because of human error. We need to continuously educate both new and existing staff to minimize risk. Most security training courses are expensive and hard for managers to oversee, so we’re excited to make it free and easy, ” says Derek Marin, Client Success Manager at NSI.

NSI’s cyber security awareness training course comes amidst many dangerous realities facing local businesses:


  • Almost a quarter of Connecticut businesses suffered data breaches or cyberattacks in the last two years1.
  • Recent studies showing that 76% of employees will use the same password or a derivative of the same password when they log on and off their network. 80% of breaches occurred as a direct result of compromised passwords.
  • Ransom-seeking cyber criminals will specifically target small businesses 43% of the time.
  • 56% of breaches took months or longer to discover2.


“Security Awareness training is not optional anymore as small businesses in Connecticut are easy targets for the bad guys. Business owners need to be aware of the threat, understand how to protect themselves and most importantly have a plan in place so they can recover when (not if) an attack happens.” - Tom McDonald, CEO of NSI

To learn more about getting the cyber security awareness training program, please email or call us at 203-723-4431.


About NSI: Founded in 1985 in Connecticut, we are a Managed Services Provider specializing in IT support, strategy and consulting, and cyber security services. We outsource our IT expertise to support businesses who need it, therefore enabling them to prioritize running their business as effectively as possible. Helping our clients succeed is our most important motto.



  1. Statistics provided by the 2018 Cybersecurity Survey of Connecticut Businesses
  2. Statistics provided by the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Reports