Do You Blog?

By Tom McDonald | Aug 22, 2013 10:14:00 AM

Are you a business owner? Do you blog? We’re looking to follow local businesses who blog, tweet, or write for regional, trade or other publications, in an effort to provide well-rounded, helpful information to other NSI customers.

NSI has thousands of great clients located throughout the Northeast, and they range from the soloprenuer, to corporations with 100+ employees.  Do you, or does anyone from your company publish ongoing content?  If so, would you be interested in allowing my Client Services Team to share links, articles, tweets, etc with our customer base? Why should we promote information from a CPA, Dentist, Lawyer, or Manufacturer located in California, when you may be located right here in New England, and publishing helpful information our customers can use?

As a business owner myself, I am continually on the lookout for good local connections, advice, and ideas.  Providing helpful information to our customers is important to me.  

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Confessions of a Small Business Owner: "I have no data backup"

By Tom McDonald | Aug 10, 2013 8:45:00 AM

Dear Small Business Owner, 

You are not alone.  According to Symantec SMB, 50% of small and medium businesses have no backup or disaster recovery plan in place.  41% of those surveyed, stated they haven't given much thought to implementing a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. 

Statistics like these are impressive, aren't they?  Unfortunately, they don't actually help you solve the problem of not having a data backup plan, and they may even support the idea of NOT getting one.  Let's take a look at some questions that will help us decide if you even need a better, or beginning backup plan.  

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Nine Time-Savers using Google Search

By Tom McDonald | Apr 24, 2013 11:11:00 AM

While searching for a keyboard shortcut, I stumbled upon an article from a credible source boasting 10 ways to save time.  I clicked through and started reading.  Number two on their list was, stop procrastinating.  At that moment, I stopped reading the article, which resulted in me saving time. Technically, you could say the article was helpful.

Here is a quick list of popular Google Search Shortcuts.  Not only will they save you some typing, but they net pretty accurate results without having to scroll or sift through various search resources. 

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Microsoft Phone Scam - It can happen to anyone.

By Tom McDonald | Mar 12, 2013 4:54:00 PM

Microsoft phone scam – It can happen to anyone.  If you found this article because you received a strange call from “Microsoft”,  let us offer you some background and then we’ll provide insight, and answers.

NSI provides IT Support and Computer Services to literally thousands of businesses throughout New England and we often hear from our customers regarding scams and attempts to capture personal information through pop-ups, emails, and sometimes even phone calls. 

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On Site Computer Service and the Prius - We went green, and saved

By Tom McDonald | Oct 23, 2012 12:29:00 PM

NSI IT Support Connecticut:  Perhaps you have seen an NSI wrapped Prius cruising down the highway or hanging out in a business park trying to pick up customers by showing off. 

In a previous post, I mentioned that as business owners we are always weighing our options; so, when the idea of moving to company vehicles was presented to me I had an immediate knee-jerk reaction.  I recalled a previous decade when the use of company cars did nothing but cost us money.  I’m sure my initial response was written all over my face, but thankfully, my mouth said,  “let’s run the numbers, and see what our options are.”  With the help of our executive team (I’m lucky to have such a great staff, I’m surrounded by good ideas every day) we analyzed our auto expenses from the previous years, and compared them to what the Prius would cost.  To add to the excitement, a couple of our vendors were willing to contribute to the cost of the wrap, as it is advertising for them as well.  Factor in the cost of gasoline, and we were looking at a winning solution.  Here is how it played out:

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