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Are you a business owner? Do you blog? We’re looking to follow local businesses who blog, tweet, or write for regional, trade or other publications, in an effort to provide well-rounded, helpful information to other NSI customers.

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NSI has thousands of great clients located throughout the Northeast, and they range from the soloprenuer, to corporations with 100+ employees.  Do you, or does anyone from your company publish ongoing content?  If so, would you be interested in allowing my Client Services Team to share links, articles, tweets, etc with our customer base? Why should we promote information from a CPA, Dentist, Lawyer, or Manufacturer located in California, when you may be located right here in New England, and publishing helpful information our customers can use?

As a business owner myself, I am continually on the lookout for good local connections, advice, and ideas.  Providing helpful information to our customers is important to me.  

If you do not blog or publish for your company or industry, I also do what I call “speaker-swaps”.  You would speak to my company, or a group that I belong to, and I would speak to your staff or group, at an upcoming event. 

Please contact me with any questions or ideas you may have that would help us both create value for business owners in the area.  And, check out the rest of our blog, facebook, twitter, the patch, and linkedin

We provide IT Support, and we know our customers need a well-rounded menu of ideas and solutions for small business… and NSI wants to give it to them while keeping it local.   

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President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.