Scaling With Technology: 10 Tech Innovators in CT

CT small businessesTechnology has always been the great enabler, allowing mankind to harness new capabilities to promote greater productivity. From the invention of the water wheel to the creation of the most powerful silicon transistor, technology enables new possibilities.

To see technology in action in the marketplace, all you have to do is look around at some of the leading innovators headquartered in Connecticut.

A challenge all companies face is the increasing pace of innovation. A decade ago, the smartphones we rely on today did not exist. It was only four decades ago that the first personal computer was built. Technology innovation enables new technology, and the development of innovative products is gaining speed. The communications, entertainment, and safety features in today’s cars weren’t even on the drawing board a decade ago, and the design cycle for a new car is now 24 to 36 months versus the 60 months required five years ago.

Being singled out as a technology innovator means you strive to innovate faster and be more creative to stay ahead of the pack. Here are 10 of the technology innovators scattered around Connecticut that we have been tracking:

1. Alexion, New Haven – Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is creating new drug treatments for life-threatening diseases every day. Alexion is a leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, developing therapies for rare, difficult to treat diseases. The foundation of Alexion’s products is built around complement inhibitors to treat various forms of cancer, and the company continues to innovate in various areas of medicine.

2. Amnet Technology Solutions, Stamford – The future of computing is in cloud services, and Amnet Technology Solutions is providing customizable cloud and colocation services for any need, from disaster recovery to high-speed digital audio/video services.

3. Priceline Group, Norwalk – Business is increasingly turning to the Web, and Priceline continues to be an innovator in e-commerce, brokering travel deals to help consumers find more affordable ways to travel. In an increasingly competitive online market, Priceline continues to outperform competitors.

4.  Fuel Cell Energy, Inc., Danbury – With the increased demand for energy coupled with the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment, generating clean power is a growing need. Fuel Cell Energy has developed the Direct FuelCell power plant that generates clean, reliable power on a scale that can support entire communities.

5. Gartner, Stamford – Gartner is an information innovator, closely watching new companies, new technologies, and new trends to advise clients on what is coming and what technology they will need to stay competitive. Gartner is probably the most recognized name in advisory research, providing well-researched reports on trends and sponsoring events that bring industry leaders together to talk about the future of technology.

6. Higher One Holdings/CashNet, New Haven – Technology innovation is powering frictionless commerce, and CashNet has become the leading payments technology platform for higher education. CashNet helps colleges and universities implement electronic billing and tuition payment systems, including flexible tuition payment strategies and online storefronts. The company now supports 700 colleges and universities and more than 5 million students.

7. Reality Interactive, Middletown – In addition to online shopping, people are still going to stores to find what they want, and Reality Interactive is an award-winning company that specializing in designing a better retail and event experience. Using a wide range of technologies, Reality makes in-store kiosks and digital environments that capture the imagination and drive sales.

8. Rogers Corporation, Rogers – Innovation comes in all sizes, and Rogers Corp. is a global manufacturer providing materials solutions for power electronics, advanced foams and sealants, printed circuits, and more. The company has a 180-year history and now has locations around the globe including its Connecticut headquarters.

9. Square 9 Softworks, New Haven – Innovators in content management, Square 9 Softworks helps business create order from data chaos. They help companies automate business processes and organize business data for greater productivity, and to make it easier to extract business intelligence.

10. SS&C Technologies, Windsor – The financial industry runs on computers, and SS&C develops the software needed for managing insurance, pension funds, investments, assets, wealth management, operations, and accounting. The company offers software and services through locations on four continents.

The one thing that all these companies have is enterprise technology. You can’t run any business these days without computers, and these global innovators require robust networks to connect remote offices. Even companies offering sophisticated cloud and software services need help managing for their own enterprise networks.

Being recognized as a technology innovator has little to do with company size, but rather with how you apply your technical resources. True innovators focus their efforts on creating new solutions related to their core competencies.

Smart companies tend to outsource much of their operational support, such as their network services, so they can focus on innovation, rather than infrastructure. That’s why companies like NSI continue to thrive—because Connecticut technology innovators know they can go farther and faster by outsourcing tasks that are not crucial to their core business.

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