Mobile Device Vulnerable? Protect IT! 5 Steps to Smartphone Security

Smartphone Security:  The single, easiest portal into your professional and personal life is also the last thing you would think of protecting.  Take a look at the list below, and take action – Do it today:

mobile device security


  1. Set your passcode, do it today.  All phones have the ability to set a passcode.  Make sure your smartphone has the lock or passcode set.  This can protect personal information if your device is stolen.  I change my code on a regular basis, once a month is best practice, but a couple times per year is more realistic.  *follow us on Twitter, we tweet out reminders about this kind of stuff @NSIserv
  2. You are going to have to use some self-control and restraint as to where you use your device.  Keep a firm grip.  Thieves are stealing smart phones out of the hands of owners while they are using them!  Mobile devices are in strong demand, so this type of theft is increasing, rapidly.  TOP TWO: Airports and Convention Centers are high-risk spots.  Be cautious.
  3.  Do not put your device down in a bar, restaurant, coffee shop or any public place.  I do this all the time - get out of the habit. Turn your head for a second, and your phone is gone.
  4.  Turn on your finder app.  For Apple devices “Find My iPhone” and for Android try “Lookout Mobile Security”.  These apps are free and can track your phone as long as it is on.  And, don’t be a hero.  If your device is stolen, call the cops and let them retrieve your device from the hands of a criminal.  Extra benefit, when you lose your phone in your home, these apps will help you find it.  Reunited, and it feels so good.
  5.  Just the facts.  Record the serial number of your phone.  I email this info to myself, so I can file it.  Having the serial number could help you get your device back, if recovered. 

So there you have it:  Passcode.  Restraint.  Hands-on.  Finder.  Facts.  = Mobile Device Smartphone Security.

I am lost without my smartphone.  Just forgetting it in the car (which is parked 20 feet from my desk) gives me the shakes.  Having it stolen with all my information on it, being tricked or bamboozled AND not having a phone because I didn’t take the necessary steps to protect the device would be a terrible situation.  Join me, and take these steps now.

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