NSI Earns a Spot on CRN’s 2017 Managed Service Provider 500 List

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It’s always nice to be recognized. Especially when recognition comes from your peers—other professionals who have “been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.” They understand what it takes to succeed and the challenges that stand in the way of providing outstanding customer service. That’s why we are extremely proud to be named one of the Pioneer 250 on CRN’s 2017 Managed Service Provider 500 (MSP500) list.

Each year, CRN (previously known as Computer Reseller News) recognizes outstanding managed service providers across North America. The top 500 list is broken into three categories: the Elite 150 that work with larger enterprises, the Managed Security 100, and the Pioneer 250 category that recognizes companies like NSI that are dedicated to providing managed computer services to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Considering the number of computer equipment dealers and value-added resellers, being chosen for the Pioneer 250 is a true honor.

To be a successful managed service provider, there are really three vital components:

  1. Innovation – It’s essential to stay current with the latest technological trends and to be prepared to advise clients as to the best service strategy to meet their needs, whether it’s new- or old-school. For example, many of the newer managed service providers are focused almost exclusively on providing cloud-based services. We know that not all SMBs have the same needs, and while many companies do benefit from cloud computing, many of our clients are looking to make the most from their capital expenditures and on-site computing resources. The NSI team works hard to stay current with the latest technologies so that we can advise our clients as to the best solution to fit their needs.
  1. Understanding – As a managed service provider with a focus on SMBs, we make a study of our clients’ business needs as well as their computing needs so that we can help them succeed. We talk to our clients about their business—not just their computing systems but the business problems that keep the owners up at night. By taking the time to understand their business challenges and objectives, we can be more effective as consultants. We apply our expertise to help customers manage the data infrastructure so that they can prosper and grow.
  1. Service – NSI takes the “service” aspect of managed computer services very seriously. We know that our clients’ businesses are fueled by data, and when the data stops flowing, business stops. That’s why we make the extra effort to keep our customers’ computer systems up and running with preventive maintenance, disaster recovery, remote diagnostics, help desk, and other services. We believe superior service is what differentiates NSI, and it’s how we earned a place among the Pioneer 250.

At NSI, we don’t just consider ourselves service providers. We are strategic partners, helping our customers deal with immediate problems and helping them plan for future success. Part of being a managed service provider is offering strategic counsel, as well as ongoing tactical support. Our technicians are certified in the latest technologies so that they can better serve our customers and offer the most responsive managed services available in Connecticut.

So, thanks to CRN for including us in this year’s Pioneer 250. And thanks to our customers for allowing us to serve them. Without you, we would never have an opportunity to shine.

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About The Author

President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.