Connecticut Business Blog Roundup: 7 Top Technology Posts This Month

connecticut businessIf you are seeking inspiration for your business or new ways to do things, it makes sense to start with the Web. There are thousands of business and technology blogs that provide insight into any aspect of your operations, and how to harness the technology to support it. I am a voracious online reader but, in addition to the special-interest tech blogs I read for my business, I also like to keep track of what local professionals are saying about business and technology here in Connecticut.

We have an active and growing business community in Connecticut. Keeping track of local blog sites is a good way to stay on top of regional events, activities, and innovations. Here are just a few of the blog sites that I track every month that I thought might be of interest:

1. Connecticut Technology Council

NSI IT Solutions is an active member of the Connecticut Technology Council so I follow their blog for updates regularly. The Council blog keeps me apprised of upcoming events as well as business commentary from the Hartford Courant, Connecticut magazine, and other media sources. The Council does a good job of curating regional news and posting articles that are interesting and relevant to Connecticut businesses. For example, this post provides a recap of the 2016 Innovation Summit for innovators, inventors, investors, as well as an article from the Courant discussing how Trump’s election could jeopardize start-up growth.

2. Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

The CCAT is a non-profit group dedicated to developing and implementing ideas for applied technologies, Internet technology, energy solutions, and more, with a particular commitment to STEM education and career development. The CCAT blog is a great place to learn about local technology and educational events such as the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Forum in Hartford or the Girls and Manufacturing Summit in Windsor.

3. Connecticut Business and Industry Association

The CBIA is the largest and oldest business organization in the state, dedicated to helping member companies and promoting jobs and economic growth through regulatory change and collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Although the CBIA doesn’t maintain a formal blog, the CBIA home page offers regular news updates from Hartford, as well as news about the economy, employment, and other issues that affect Connecticut business. Some of the recent posts worth noting include the recent ruling by a federal judge blocking the new overtime rule (a win for small business) and a discussion of the election and the voter mandate to “Fix Connecticut.” It’s a site worth checking regularly.

4. Connecticut Innovations Blog

This blog was created by the state legislature in 1989 to help nurture new technology businesses in the state, including assisting with financing and mentoring. The Connecticut Innovations Blog is where they post the latest news including this month’s blog about their $5 million business pitch competition for small businesses seeking capital. It has some great insight for local small businesses and startups.

5. Innovation Destination Hartford

IDH is a coalition of service professionals and entrepreneurs assisting startups and second-stage businesses in the Hartford region. Their blog offers insight from entrepreneurs and small business owners (myself included) on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in the Connecticut economic climate. The blog addresses a wide range of topics, such as how to learn from failure, when to walk away from bad customers, and tips and groups that can help Connecticut entrepreneurs. Look at the latest blog on the growth of Connecticut business for a representative sample.

6. Stamford Innovation Center (SIC)

Situated in downtown Stamford, the SIC is a go-to location for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking advice, classes, or even hosting an event. The SIC blog offers insight into special events and innovations related to the center. Since SIC is heavily involved in the local business community, you will find information on business events such as Stamford Technology Week and the UBERpitch challenge for women, as well as success stories and interviews with local business leaders. Check out their latest video and blog profiling the UBERpitch winner.

7. Startup Savant

Startup Savant is for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking new ideas. It is an online magazine offering tools and information to help fledgling businesses, including interviews with some savvy startup founders. Rather than selling advertising, the magazine makes money selling resources and tools to help you launch and build your business, and they donate a portion of their revenue to help students become the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are some great interviews posted on their site, such as the latest one with legal nurse consultant Patricia Iyer.

These are just a few of the business blogs available to inform and assist Connecticut small businesses. I find these local resources help me learn more about business trends and opportunities in my own market; something you don’t get from national business blogs or online business magazines such as Forbes or the Harvard Business Review. These blog sites bring a uniquely Connecticut perspective to business, which is something all local business owners need in order to succeed in the Nutmeg State.

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President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.