5 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing Cloud Services

Businesses of all sizes are using cloud services for similar reasons—to save money, to gain access to computing power, and to relieve some of the burden on their staff.  

Here are 5 reasons why businesses just like yours are choosing Cloud Services: 

1. Cloud Solutions offer better insight - With cloud, a small business has greater flexibility and can leverage tools they never had access to before, such as leveraging analytics and big data to help target customers and uncover opportunities. Cloud also makes it much easier for the SMB to share data across applications and increase mobile access. 

2. Cloud Services help collaboration - Cloud allows work to be accessed from multiple devices and from anywhere, which in turn makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on shared data.

3. Cloud can drive better engagement - Cloud can improve engagement with your client, forging a tighter link with the customer.

4. Cloud is speed - SMB's can now turn to the cloud to drive innovation in products and services on demand, they no longer need to scale internally, they can turn the cloud up or down as needed. You now have the ability to deal with problems or opportunities in real-time.

5. Cloud Server and Hosting benefits are measurable and you pay-as-you-grow - From gains in efficiency for your internal teams, improved mobility, a SMB does not have to make a large upfront investment, no up-front capital expense -  allowing you to pay monthly as the business scales.

We are all trying to get closer to the customer, to be more relevant, to target exactly what we want. The first step for most SMB's should be to the cloud; it simply gives you more cost effective options.

Cloud Services Connecticut

Cloud removes the barrier of an upfront capital investment and allows you to pay for something as a service, as needed, elevating the need for (or lack of) in-house technology expertise. Most importantly, it eliminates having to buy, install, and maintain technology on your own premises.

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