April 8th - End of Support for Windows XP and Office 2003

According to Lenovo, 40% of businesses are still running XP. "I have it on one machine, maybe two". This is typical of many IT environments.  The danger of having a couple machines on your network running Windows XP, is that it makes your entire infrastructure vulnerable. It's a way in.  

In April, Microsoft is putting a hard stop to support for XP and Office 2003.  Support ends for you as the licensed user, but it also ends for us, the IT Solutions Provider.  Today, if your computer experienced a problem, our techs would leverage NSI's partnership with Microsoft, along with their training and expertise to solve your problem.  After April, we will no longer receive support for Windows XP, as a partner. No tools, patches, updates, escalation, or support.

IT Solutions Dead End

In preparation for this, NSI has several options available to assist businesses running XP, and/or Office 2003.  We know it's easy to ignore one machine in the corner that is used for one application, but it's not worth the risk.  

By taking action now while your XP machines are still supported, any issues that occur during upgrades or migrations can be resolved. We can't stress this enough: Please consider making the move now.  

*End of Support for Windows XP and Office 2003: 

Please consider reaching out to us by clicking below, or calling 203-723-4431.

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