NSI's Top Rated IT Support - Improve your image.

NSI’s Top Rated IT Support can improve your image.

Boost your image, improve reliability, and give them something to talk about by choosing Image-based Backup for your business.  NSI is a premier provider of IT Support to small business, government, education, and enterprise corporations throughout New England.  We are primarily “business casual”, but that is not the kind of image I’m talking about.  

There is another kind of image that can really boost your reputation:  The Image-based Backup. Image-based Backup kicks butt.  This solution will make you almost invincible when it comes to your data – you will achieve rock star status.

What is image-based backup?  Why would I want it?

You walk into your office.

As you turn on your computer, you notice something is wrong.

You are greeted by a scary message that states something has failed.

You fight back tears as your hands tremble.

Then, you remember that someone recommended a back-up solution that creates images, and you're pretty sure you signed up for it.  Maybe this will help! 

Your phone rings.

It’s NSI:  “I’m calling because we have a notification here that you’ve experienced a hard drive failure.  I’ll have you up and running by 9:30am, meanwhile, do you have another PC available, or do we need to order one for you?”

You’re heart rate slows down to a normal pace.

You are thankful you didn’t start screaming and pacing around the office.

You will give your presentation at 10am. 

As you log in from your laptop (or any other computer), you see all of your files, just as you left them.  They are safe, on the image-based backup of your machine, taken just before you shut down last night.

You congratulate yourself, for choosing image-based backup.

You go back to enjoying your coffee.

You look forward to ordering a new PC because the dead one was old, anyway.

hard drive failure 

And that is why image-based backup kicks butt.

NSI's data backup and recovery solutions for small business (medium, gov't, edu, and enterprise, too) has the best solution for your budget.  Find out how to get started.



About The Author

President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.