On Site Computer Service and the Prius - We went green, and saved

NSI IT Support Connecticut:  Perhaps you have seen an NSI wrapped Prius cruising down the highway or hanging out in a business park trying to pick up customers by showing off. 

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In a previous post, I mentioned that as business owners we are always weighing our options; so, when the idea of moving to company vehicles was presented to me I had an immediate knee-jerk reaction.  I recalled a previous decade when the use of company cars did nothing but cost us money.  I’m sure my initial response was written all over my face, but thankfully, my mouth said,  “let’s run the numbers, and see what our options are.”  With the help of our executive team (I’m lucky to have such a great staff, I’m surrounded by good ideas every day) we analyzed our auto expenses from the previous years, and compared them to what the Prius would cost.  To add to the excitement, a couple of our vendors were willing to contribute to the cost of the wrap, as it is advertising for them as well.  Factor in the cost of gasoline, and we were looking at a winning solution.  Here is how it played out:

  • Fifty percent of the NSI staff is a certified technician.

  • Most of these techs are on the road, at least some of the time.

  • Several are “road warriors”, travelling hundreds of miles a day, every day.  (Our service area covers from New York, to Maine, with office locations and technicians scattered throughout.)

When we compared the road warrior’s mileage reimbursement against the cost of the wrapped Prius, plus the vendor’s contributions, it was clear: 

Road Warrior + Prius = Lower Overhead. 

We ordered a few, and have since added more to our fleet of green, fuel efficient, advertising machines. 

I share this, because as business owners we must turn over every stone, consider every suggestion, and constantly work with our staff and cultivate their ideas for success.  What areas of your business have you successfully lowered expenses?  Do you know what your company is paying for Printer Ink and TonerInternet Connectivity?  Server and PC RepairsElectricityCell Phones?  Perhaps some of our cost saving successes could help you, and vice versa.  I am interested in hearing from you.  Please leave a comment below, or contact me.       

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President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.