IT Support Professionals Chime In: TOP 13 Programs / Apps

NSI provides complete IT Services and Small Business Computer Solutions, and has since 1985.  Fifty percent of our staff is comprised of certfied technicians, skilled in both managed IT services, remote computer repair, and on site server and pc repair. Our technical staff is always on the look out for the next greatest thing, and finding free or inexpensive apps is an ongoing quest.  Their basic criteria is pretty straightforward:

It has to be free or worth the price, and it has to be awesome.

If you are a techie, a business owner, or anything in between (or both!), there is most likely an app on this list you will find useful. 

Image Management
Health and Fitness
Diagnostic Tools
Social Media

IT Guide for Small Business Owners



About The Author

President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.