NSI IT Support Team warns: 75% of all rootkits reside on Windows XP

IT Support team warns XP rootkit

NSI's IT Support Team has reviewed the data:  After a 6 month study that consisted of over 630,000 samples has found that when it comes rootkits, Windows XP has 74% off all the infections, followed by Vista with 17% and Windows 7 with 12%.  Microsoft even admits that Windows 7 is over 5 times more secure than XP in there last quarterly security rate. Although AVAST, an anti-virus software company, has pointed out that Windows XP infection rates might not be all Microsoft’s fault, as many of the machines running Windows XP are running pirated versions which aren’t allowed to be updated through Microsoft leaving the OS vulnerable to various types of virus’s and rootkits.

What are Rootkits? Rootkits are a type of malware that hide on your using different methods to give itself higher privileges in order to subvert removal attempts and allow it to record your personal information. Rootkits tend to one of the harder viruses to remove as they try to mask themselves from detection. To prevent infection it’s recommended to be running Windows 7 or Vista, keep the Microsoft OS updated with the latest patches and to have Anti-Virus software installed to detect it in case of infection.

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