Lenovo Leads as Most Reliable Laptop Brand with Asus Trailing Close Behind

Top Laptop Brands by Quality

RescueCom has released their quarterly report outlining the top 5 Laptop brands based on quality. Lenovo laptops ranked highest with a score of 254, followed by Asus with 242. Toshiba took third with 164, followed by Apple with 149 and HP with 122.

RescueCom is a computer repair center and has been recording their data since 2006. They determine each brand’s reliability rating by looking at 3 different factors:

  • Looking at each brands market share in that given time period compare to the percentage of repair calls for that specific brand
  • Component Quality used within the laptops; the better the quality of the components the less likely they are going to fail
  • Likelihood the customer will need a third party support on their PC; a lack of manufacturer support sends more customers to third party vendors for support

It’s no surprise that Lenovo ranked as well as they did, Lenovo has positioned themselves as a business laptop and their build quality reflects that. What really is surprising is Apple’s ranking, being they were number 1 only 2 years ago and pride themselves on their superior build quality. While their quality has gone down over the last 2 years it is noted that this hasn’t stopped their market share from going down at all with a 26% increase in laptop sales, mainly at the expense of Dell who didn’t make it into RescueCom’s top 5.

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