12 Android Apps to help with your Productivity

Looking for the some Essential Android apps for your phone, well look no further we have a list of 12 apps to help improve your productivity throughout the day.

Google Docs – Google has finally released a mobile version of their Google Docs program giving people mobile access to their uploaded documents and the ability to edit them from their mobile phone. One of the more unique features is you can take a picture of a word document on your phone and Google will analyze the text for you and put it in a word document for you.

HomePipe – Forgot that one file on your computer? With HomePipe you can link any folder on your desktop with the cloud and be able to download it whenever you need. By linking all the folders to your HomePipe account you can download any video, document, or music file on the go without having to worry about uploading it to a shared folder first. HomePipe makes setting this service up extremely easy, even for the non tech literate, the only problem is that the free version only allows you to download 10 files per month. With a 10 file limit and often slow download speeds, HomePipe becomes more of a backup solution if you forgot a file rather than a way to keep all your files in the cloud.

Dropbox – Need access to your files from anywhere? Dropbox is your cloud based Flash Drive that allows you to sync any file across your Dropbox accounts. By saving your photos to your Dropbox folder, they are automatically transferred to your desktop folder making transferring files easier than ever.

PocketCloud – Do you need remote access to your desktop? Then PocketCloud is your app. PocketCloud, built by Wyse, gives you full access to your desktop from your phone or tablet. While most people don’t need that type of access, it is a great app to have set up in case you run into a scenario where you need access to your desktop remotely.

Key Ring – It seems like every store has their own discount card, and keeping every stores card on your keys can become cumbersome after your 15th store card. Key Ring gives you a way to store all of your store cards in one place and lets you remove the clutter from your key chain. Not all phones/store scanners worth with Key Ring so make sure your phone’s screen is compatible with scanners and that the scanners do in fact pick up the bar code on the screen before throwing our your cards.

Google Maps – With Google Maps the GPS industry has started hurting. No longer do you need to buy a GPS unit, as nowadays its build into almost every smart phone out there and with Google converting their Google Maps into a GPS service it’s hard to imagine how TomTom or Garmin is going to compete. If you never used the mobile version of Google Maps, it’s phenomenal, giving you satellite view of yourself driving though. With Google updating it constantly it is already leagues ahead of any GPS that you can buy for under $200.

Awesome Drop – Have a file on your computer that you need transferred to your phone? With Awesome Drop you can send any file from your web browser directly to your phone. All you need to do is load the app go to the website listed and enter in your randomly generated pin code and send the file over. If you’re using a web browser that supports HTML5, like Google Chrome or Firefox, then you can simply drag and drop the file into your browser and have it immediately transfer over. Awesome Drop eliminates the need to use a USB cord in order to transfer files from a desktop to your phone.

Evernote – Need to jot down a quick note for yourself? With Evernote you can quickly and easily write yourself a note and have it sync online giving you access to your notes on the go whenever you need to see your reminders.

WiFi Tether (Rooted phones only) – Sometimes you need to use the internet on a laptop and if there is no wifi around then you could be out of luck. But with the WiFi Tethering app you turn your phone into a wifi hotspot anywhere you have 3G. Most people don’t need to tether that often and phone companies often offer it as an extra for a monthly fee. But if your phone is rooted and you don’t plan on spending an extra $20 a month for tethering than this free option is the way to go.

Pageonce – Need access to all your financial accounts on the go in one place? Pageonce gives you an account overview of each of your banking, credit card, loans or other misc accounts from one spot. What makes Pageonce so great is its ability to lay out all the important information in a mobile format, making my need to check all my personal accounts simple and quick. Pageonce even keeps track of accounts like mobile phone bill and will tell you the how many minutes, text, or data is used by each phone on your plan.

GasBuddy – Gas prices suck and they just seem to go up and up every day, but with GasBuddy you can search your area and find all the gas prices around you and how far the gas station is from your current location. This is a community based app, where anyone can update the price as it changes and offers incentives to be more active within the community.

Cab4me – Ever get stuck somewhere and need a ride, Cab4me can solve that problem by providing a list of all the places in your area that provide some sort of taxi service and is a great app to have if you find yourself in an unknown place with the lack of ability to drive.

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