Toshiba Builds a Hard Drive for the Spy in All of Us

For the people who don’t trust anyone with their data, Toshiba has released a new hard drive that automatically erases itself if it plugged into another computer. This feature works by having the hard drive detect which computer it was originally installed on and from there it checks at each boot to make sure it’s connected to that computer. If you install it on another computer it automatically formats itself ensuring that nobody can have access to your data.

While this is definitely top of the line data security, it is hard to imagine having to use this type of protection in any profession besides maybe being a Spy. The main problem is that if the hardware of the laptop dies then trying to recover any of the files will be impossible under any circumstances. So while this is definitely the ultimate choice in securing files from unwanted eyes, it should only be used with data that is either backed up somewhere else or is data that you have no problem never seeing again if anything should ever happen to the laptop. For most users having a heavily encrypted hard drive should be good enough, but if you plan on having data that can self-destruct if it falls into the wrong hands then Toshiba has a hard drive for you.

Via Toshiba

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