Your old PC's are costing your company money - You need a Server

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As a business owner with more than one computer, you have an obligation to your clients to invest in a more dependable and redundant computing infrastructure. A server will keep your data secure, organized and will allow you to run your business more efficiently and professionally. You know it is time for a server when:

You have employees! - You now have employees, PLURAL, not singular. Which means more than one, and if you have more than one employee you have more than one computer, so bottom line with two or more computers in your business, it is time for a server.

Data and information is everywhere - Get your date organized and in a central location, this way you will be able to access, share and manage your information more efficiently.

You need to share - Would you like your team to be able to share software, share access to company databases on-site and off-site? Guess what, you need a server.

I think we backup? - No server, no backups. You know it, I know it. If you are reading this after a crash, you already know the pain, if you haven’t crashed yet (believe me you will, someday), read on - you have valuable files and data that can’t be replaced, a server will help protect them from loss and corruption. Send everything to one place (the server) and then back that one place up every day! You’ll be able to back up information easily and restore files that were accidentally deleted or misplaced. You will still worry about losing stuff, but you will worry less.

Your business is growing - You did not get into this to shrink! You are growing, so get a server and you can better manage additional computers and people that you will be adding. You know what else happens as you grow, you end up needing new software applications and it is much easier to control who has access to what, centrally from your SERVER!.

Fear - The biggest reason why small businesses don't make the leap and get a server, is fear.  Fear that you are putting all your eggs in a basket you are unfamiliar with, and don't understand.  You're probably not an IT Professional! NSI solves that problem. Every server we install includes the option of a fully trained IT staff working behind the scenes, doing all of the maintenance, updates, and patches your hardware requires.  We can even help your employees with questions about access, log-in, and permissions at the NSI Help Desk.

Your Employees Conduct Business outside the Office – You now are able to work from home, you travel frequently, and you have a mobile workforce. A server will simplify how you and your team remotely connect to your company network securely, and access information and resources no matter where they are. Are the files on your employee PC's company files? Customer data? You need to get them on the server, for safe, reliable storage and backup. 

You have too much stuff – You are sharing access to printers, fax machines, scanners plugging and unplugging stuff all day, it’s time for a server. Get rid of the mess, get a server.

Where is that Document, who has it? – When you share documents between multiple computers, you run the risk of losing that file and I guarantee you will have multiple versions, and this will bite you at the worst time, probably in front of a client or as you prepare for an important meeting. A server will help you manage your files (it will force you to do it!) and provide a centralized location for you to store and organize important documents, so that you always have access to what you need, when you need it.

I hate my PC - Old PC’s are slow and cost you money, you hate them, I hate them. But a server will bring new life and will allow them to function better; yes a server will make your PC’s faster. A server will take all of the files from the PC, allowing you to cleanup your computer or laptop, freeing up the machine's memory and storage. Once done, your old PC will be noticeable faster.

Keep people out of your stuff – Do you want your employees, customers, and the kid with a laptop in your parking lot stealing your Wi-Fi looking at all your stuff? No you don’t, get a server and lock your stuff down.

If you have made it this far you get the point, do yourself and your customers a favor – get a server, you won’t regret it.

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President of NSI, Tom has been helping small and medium businesses succeed in Connecticut for over 25 years.