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Because today I’m going to show you the exact techniques that I use to help NSI ranking higher in Google.

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However, before I dive into the tips, I want to spend some time explaining the direction we're going with Knowledgebase (this blog).




Knowledgebase Blog Roadmap

The purpose of Knowledgebase is to provide clients like you with helpful content; information that will help you improve some aspect of your business or organization.

The first series of blogs will be about digital transformation. What does digital transformation mean to you? Here's how David Rogers, a Columbia Business School professor and author of The Digital Transformation Playbook, describes it.






Digital Transformation Playbook

If you don't have time for David's speech, here's what he says in a nutshell: digital transformation is not just about our technology, it's about our strategy and thinking differently.

His book contains a lot of business stories, frameworks and examples that I plan to share here on Knowledgebase for you in the coming blogs. 

The domains of digital transformation he writes about include customers, competition, data, innovation and value. 

In his speech, he talks about the customer domain by describing how communication with customers was a one direction broadcast, like a mass communication where the company largely controlled how their brand was perceived in the world.

But nowadays, that dynamic is flipped. Brands no longer control how they are perceived, instead, they are just one more voice in a dynamic network about them. Brands are controlled by Google, customer forums, YouTube and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

The bottomline is that since we are no longer in full control of how we are perceived, how can we, as company leaders, be strategic about communications?


Google Business Profile Improvements

In the spirit of this strategic communications challenge, today’s tips are related to Googles's Business Profile. For example,  what you see in the image below is NSI's Google Business Profile. 


NSI Business Page


Why does this profile matter? For NSI, it matters because if a company needs IT support, they typically go to Google, and search for IT support Connecticut or IT support and the city where they are operating in. Most people will click on the top result that comes up, especially the ones that look trustworthy, typically the first page is where most of these clicks actually take place.

The following tips will cover what we did to make NSI appear at the top, or near the top, for important key terms.


Getting a Google Business Profile

The first thing to do is to start a Google Business profile. Some of you may have it already. You can create your Google Business Profile here, it’s completely free and you just have to fill out the information about your business.


Optimizing your Google Business Profile

In order to make a great profile, update at least five sections, five parts of your Google Business profile. Whether you have one already or you starting from scratch, really look at the things like the name, the hours of operation, add a post and a couple of images. Really spend some time to fill as much as the profile out as you can, so you can increase your results. Make sure your description is punchy, short and with key terms that your ideal client would search. 

For example, one of the things I did for NSI was editing the name from "NSI" to "NSI - IT services and cyber security"; by incorporating key terms that describes our service, we improve our ranking when someone searches for "cyber security" or "it support."

Adding Google Reviews to your Website

And the last tip is to add the Google Review link to your website. We've put ours in the footer because it appears on every single page and creates a sense of social proof that we're trustworthy. Some SEO experts believe this move helps for organic rankings as well.

I would love to get your feedback in this idea and on this particular post on Google Business. Let me know if you have any questions, you can shoot me an email, you can give me a call I’ll help you this is really low hanging fruit, stuff that you can do to better connect with your client. Hope to hear from you soon.

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