5 Reasons to Outsource IT

As small businesses grow, their technology needs become more complex. More employees means new tech like laptops, printers, access points, phones, etc., are needed, and supporting these infrastructural changes  can be difficult without a dedicated IT professional. 

A Case-Study for Outsourced IT 

For instance, think of a small fast-growing Internet Company. When the company started, they only had a few desks, and they relied on one of their employees (let us call him “Tom”) to take care of their IT equipment. Tom is talented, but he also has his own workload as a Marketing Manager. While the Internet Company had less than ten desks, Tom could handle fixing his colleagues' IT issues, such as setting up email clients and troubleshooting network and printers’ downtimes without failing to finish his own tasks.


The pressures on Tom to handle his own workload while the Internet Company kept growing and adding more desks soon became unmanageable. With 25 desks, Tom could no longer get to all his tasks nor keep the IT systems working properly. What took a couple of hours each week in troubleshooting now required a considerable effort every day. Also, the IT issues Tom was now having to solve were becoming more complex and required thorough analysis and planning. 


The question arises, should Intercom spend time and money hiring an internal IT person or should they outsource it? 


Here are 5 reasons why Outsourcing IT might be the way to go 


5 Reasons to Consider IT Outsourcing


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