Case Study: How NSI Allowed Access Rehab Clinics To Grow



Access Rehab Centers is the largest provider of therapy services in Western-Central Connecticut, offering a full spectrum of rehabilitation services under one roof ⁠— including occupational, speech, and aquatic therapy. 

Awarded with both regional and national awards, including awards for “Organizational Excellence,” and “Best of Greater Waterbury for Outpatient Treatment Rehabilitation,” they are now recognized as a premier provider of therapy services in their region.

However, with steady and rapid growth, their previous Managed Services Provider couldn’t keep up. To move forward and capitalize on the latest in technology, they hired NSI.


The Challenge (before NSI)

Access Rehab Centers started as two outpatient clinics fifteen years ago and have today grown to a total of 13 clinics ⁠— and outpatient therapy program for a leading suburban hospital. They also manage and staff therapy programs for public and private school systems.

But as responsibilities, clinics, and rehabilitation patients grew, the worries about their one-person MSP increased. What happens when that person needs a holiday? Who’s going to help run the IT infrastructure of all clinics and programs? While they liked the person offering the services, the owner of the company was slow to respond and didn’t dedicate the necessary time to grow as they needed. There was no strategic direction and a severe lack of IT expertise. 

They had hit their scalability ceiling — as their IT infrastructure wasn’t designed for expansion. And even if it was, scaling would mean a bigger responsibility than their MSP could handle. Harvey Heyman, Business Planning Manager of Access Rehab Centers, continued trying to work with the MSP until he realized they were not going to change. Shortly after, he found NSI.


The Solution (after NSI)

The NSI team worked closely with Harvey and Access Rehab Centers to offer a complete, all-inclusive solution to cover all IT angles and support the clinic’s goals and rapid growth. The starting point was somewhat expected of a clinic of Access Rehab Centers magnitude — 200 computers, 2 active servers, local and cloud backup systems, an actively used intranet, cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system and email system.

With great experience onboarding clients coming from other MSPs, the transition to NSI was smooth. The new expert team got to work quickly, starting with the vital job of understanding Access Rehab Centers specific needs and challenges to tailor their unique solution.

The NSI solution for Access Rehab Centers consists of three main pillars:

  • IT Infrastructure & Device Management (virtual and physical devices like printers, mobile devices, workstations, network management, and more.)
  • App Management and Remote & Onsite Support
  • IT Strategy, Review, and Project Management

The pillars are then purposefully categorized to give Access Rehab Centers a full range of services for each area. For example, in their TotalCare offering for their core infrastructure, they now have annual technology and business systems audits, around the clock infrastructure and network monitoring and management, among many other services like secure anti-virus.  

In their TotalCare Manage offering, they have unlimited remote and onsite support, application management for Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite, email, contacts and calendar support, including documentation and asset management. Access Rehab Centers now also get periodic IT strategy reviews to ensure their infrastructure supports their growth and are streamlined to their business goals.


"I am very impressed with this company's IT knowledge, both tactical and strategic, their responsiveness, and a culture of friendliness and partnership with their clients."
–Harvey Heyman, Business Planning Manager at Access Rehab Centers


The TotalCare Streamline & Strategize offering also includes all the services the clinics need to stay and remain ahead of the competition. For example, annual IT strategy map development and budget preparation, project management support as well as after-hours support, unlimited project support, monthly executive summary report suitable for BOD, and much more.


The Results

Now that NSI has developed a comprehensive and strategic IT roadmap for Access Rehab Centers, they can leverage technology to support their rapid growth and scale to new heights. The results are far reaching — they now have an easy-to-apply onboarding process with help implementing all new applications and deploying devices. This process allows them to use the full range of features in all their applications, not only the basic ones, which means they now get great return on investment of their applications and can truly leverage their available technology.

They get cybersecurity training for all their employees, saving the clinics millions of dollars in future disruption and downtime costs in case of breaches. 

The clinics also saw increased productivity, thanks to NSI installing a second printer in case the first one fails, so they don’t have to waste time figuring it out. They also reduced their costs, because they are now on NSI’s main agent, remote monitoring management which includes the applications for a monthly fee — instead of paying the full amount for each application.


"I find NSI very easy to work with, which has been a great benefit. They are friendly but take their work seriously, and are quick to implement solutions to technology problems that occur."

–Harvey Heyman, Business Planning Manager at Access Rehab Centers


Before NSI, Harvey ended up doing a lot of IT himself, which meant less time for the things that matter — such as business strategy and planning. But with NSI taking care of all IT related tasks, Harvey now has time to improve the things under his job responsibility, like strategic and job exclusive tasks. He can now focus wholeheartedly on his job and can, as a result, do things better to achieve his role goals.



The future is indeed bright for Access Rehab Centers. With complete IT solutions and strategy that ties directly with the clinic's needs and overarching business goals, the clinic is now on the fast-track to further success. With NSI monitoring and managing all IT, and answering any questions that may arise, Harvey and all clinic employees can now focus on their responsibilities serving their patients to world class standards, without worrying about faulting technology or annoying disruption. 

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