Virtualization & Storage

Between the years of 2000-2005, virtualization gained momentum and began creeping into the day-to-day dialog of those responsible for IT. As a systems integrator of IT solutions, we knew this technology would have an impact, but we didn't realize how big it would be until we attended our first conference which explained exactly how the technology worked, and how smart and affordable it was.

"I'll never forget it. When the industry leaders were done with their presentation about virtualization, every tech in the room leapt to his or her feet and applauded. I have never seen a response like that. This is a game changer, for real."

Today, virtualization is everywhere. It makes so much sense, and is priced to be a "no-brainer" when it comes to getting the most from your technology; even the most modest environments are adopting this technology. One-, two-, and three-server infrastructures are saying "yes" to virtualization. It's almost a necessity, from a budgetary perspective, if you have multiple servers.

Is virtualization right for you? Let's find out, together.

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