Spend Less - Flat Rate Solutions for Small/Med Businesses

With three decades of experience helping businesses manage their IT, NSI knows firsthand the challenges that business owners face. Two of the more common concerns we hear are:

  • Inability to forecast or budget expenses; lack of control over spending on technology
  • Fear or concern of losing large amounts of critical data

We were there when the doctor thought his data was safely backed up on tapes, only to discover that nothing had actually been backed up... for over two years. We have dispatched technicians to assist many customers who lost hard drives, servers, and data.

In 2004, NSI introduced TotalCare Managed Services, and that offering continued to grow and evolve into the robust, comprehensive, affordable solution that it is today. NSI's TotalCare is exactly what the doctor ordered. Put an end to wildly fluctuating monthly IT expenses. Bid farewell to concerns of "what if" worries about data loss. TotalCare is the most requested solution among business owners and forward thinking C-Level Executives– because IT works.

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