Virtual CIO

Owning and running a business is a lot like doing a triathlon. It is a grueling commitment to achieving a goal, and not everyone is cut out for it. You are brave. You are focused. You are dedicated. Additionally, you are in this for more than the money. You provide a service, a product, jobs, community, and opportunity to those you serve, lead, employ, mentor, and supply. In a nutshell, you are amazing.

When it comes to leadership and peer groups, NSI discovered one area where many businesses struggle, and it's with technology - specifically, with technology leadership and vision.

Not to worry. NSI can fill the role of CIO with our Virtual CIO program which enables companies to leverage a fresh set of eyes and years of experience to help maneuver the complicated waters of IT. NSI's Virtual CIO program is an integral component of our TotalCare solution, and is also available "a la cart".

What is Virtual CIO? What should I expect?

NSI offers VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) services on an ongoing basis to existing TotalCare Customers. Our customers find this extremely valuable, as most small businesses do not have full time IT Staff, and certainly do not employ a CIO. As a visitor to our website, we are offering this service to you, at no charge.

What to Expect:

BEFORE: Customers are asked to prepare a list of questions regarding their infrastructure (network, desktops, servers, printers, internet, applications, email, etc.) so each client gets the most out of their VCIO Consultation.

DURING: NSI will also ask some questions, and if it is convenient, we always enjoy a tour of your facility, and a visual review of your current technology.

AFTER: Once we have concluded your Consultation, you will receive an outline report, which reviews areas where you are performing well, and in accordance with best practices, and areas where there could be improvement, along with any specific details you asked for, like data back and recovery solutions, for example.

NSI understands the importance of getting a fresh set of eyes on any network, especially networks that are managed by several providers over many years, or have one continuous provider. Both scenarios have pros and cons. Our employees are "techs and heart", and dedicate a vast amount of their time towards continuous growth and advancement of their expertise. It is not just a job, it is who they are.

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