Project Planning & Implementation

You are in business because you have expertise in your field and can deliver value to your customers. You are not an IT company. Your staff is not continually pursuing the latest technology trends and training. Most of us do not cut our own hair. When the power malfunctions, we call a licensed electrician. There are many areas in which you depend on a trained, licensed, or certified professional.

A critical component of project planning starts long before you pick up the phone and call us.

It actually began 30 years ago when we first opened our doors. Since that time, our staff has maintained the latest certifications and training. How else would we be able to help companies like yours, without knowing the options, or what's possible?

Project planning, it turns out, starts in the classroom, where our technicians and engineers acquire the latest certifications, experience the latest trends, and are exposed to the "bleeding edge". Then, they take that knowledge, and boil it down to something that is of value to companies like yours.

Implementation is where the rubber hits the road. It is where the planning morphs into a streamlined, organized, well-executed project. An implementation is only as good as its planning.

Plan IT, with NSI.

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