Tape Backup / External Hard Drive / CD Solutions

There are many reasons why a small business would backup some files to a tape or an external hard drive. With tape, old habits die hard. You invested a lot of money a while ago, and it works. Why change? External hard disk back up is inexpensive, readily available, and easy to understand and operate. CD's are even easier, cheaper, and more portable.

Tape, External hard disk drives, and CDs get a bad rap - here's why:

  • Hardware and software companies have far surpassed the abilities of the above-mentioned solutions while keeping costs very affordable. It doesn't make sense to keep using tapes or hard disk drives. There's too much risk involved.
  • Recovering data from tape or hard disk drive is painful and, often times, impossible.
  • Compared to newer solutions, tape, hard disk drives, and optical media such as CDs only do half the job.

NSI helps businesses make the transition from tape to a safer, more reliable solution.

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