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Every business is unique. NSI has solutions designed specifically for businesses with 50 - 100+ employees / users.

  • Help Desk (help for your Network Admin, or anyone in your office, right over the phone. HELP is just a phone call away)
  • Hardware and Software Assistance - What do you own? When does it expire? Should you upgrade? Let our team of experts assist you.
  • Continuous Improvement, Maintenance and Repair - If it's broken, we can fix it, but we don't wait for that to happen. NSI is proactive and we catch things before they become a problem.
  • Data Backup and Recovery - Why lose files when you don't have to? Never lose a file again.
  • Server Support, Planning and Management - What should you be doing to get the most out of your servers? We can help!
  • New Hire / Employee Changes - Hiring new employees, setting them up on the network, or changes within your environment, NSI can support you.
  • Virtual CIO, Planning, and Network Design - Should you virtualize? Are you getting the most from your investment in your technology? Storage, VMWare, migrations, compliance, updates, patches - we can help!

Discover how NSI's affordable SMB Solutions can help you forget about your IT, so you can concentrate on your business. Small and Medium Business IT Solutions, for you.