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5 Ways Connecticut’s Towns can Protect Themselves from Ransomware Attacks

By Derek Marin | Mar 19, 2019 2:53:17 PM

March has been a busy month for the IT departments in Connecticut towns and not for good reasons. Several town computer networks, namely Plymouth and Colchester's, fell victim to ransomware attacks. 

Here's how ransomware attacks generally work.

A criminal emails the potential victim in hopes of getting some virus to encrypt data and lockdown the computer. In the case of the towns here in CT, the victims were employees for the town and they accidentally assumed the e-mail was coming from a credible source, such as a colleague, an e-commerce vendor like Amazon or perhaps even another government agency.

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Security Starts with Keeping a Clean Desk

By Derek Marin | Mar 14, 2019 2:58:48 PM

Lots of us don't think about the connection between having a clean desk and security. But our desk is actually a perfect spot to talk about security with our staff.

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The Art of War and Cyber Security

By Derek Marin | Feb 21, 2019 9:45:29 AM

The war between organizations and cyber criminals is spreading, and new trends in cybersecurity threaten to outpace and overtake organizations that are not protected.

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Top Chrome Extensions for 2019

By Derek Marin | Nov 13, 2018 11:56:00 AM

This is our first post for our Sales and Marketing blog category! We’ll publish monthly within this category. We’d love to hear what challenges you’re experiencing in this area so that we can research the solutions and share the possible answers through our blog. So please, add your comments, provide insights, ask questions or concerns here so that this blog can start to become a real resource for everyone in the NSI community (or you can email me your ideas at

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5 Ways To Avoid a Phishing Attack

By Derek Marin | Nov 8, 2018 1:21:50 PM


Before diving into the 5 ways to avoid a phishing attack, we want to make sure you understand what phishing means and the risk it presents.

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