1. Business Continuity

I'm afraid we won't get all our data back in the case of catastrophic loss.

2. Responsibilities

The response from our IT team is disappointingly slow.

I really get annoyed that problems keep coming back.

I don't understand why we’re often the ones who have to tell the IT guys there’s a problem.

It frustrates me that our IT guys seem more interested in tech stuff than in our business.

3. Competency

Our server room is embarrassing and the cabling in the office is a mess.

If we had a disaster we’d all be running round like headless chickens. We have no plan.

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4. Cost Effectiveness

I have no idea how much IT will cost me this year.

We really should pay more attention to how the way we purchase IT affects our budgeting.

5. Governance

When we do have major initiatives they often bleed money and drag on forever.

If something happened to the people looking after IT, I have no idea how we would pass on everything they do to someone else.

6. Transparency

I'm unclear whether our IT functions meet the needs of the business.

I don't get enough useful information on the performance of our IT partners and problems often come as a surprise.

I'm concerned that our monthly spending on IT services seems to keep increasing yet I do not understand why.

7. Strategy

We think we're not focusing enough on how technology innovations can help our business.

It bothers me that even if we had an IT Strategy we wouldn't been able to execute it.

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