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Recently HubSpot published a ranking of the best 42 Chrome Extensions for 2019. The post shares a list of the best extensions to help you run an effective marketing campaign using Google’s browser. The extensions area divided into 7 categories: security, social media, SEO, new tab, content sourcing, blogging and productivity

Here are our favorites!



HTTPS Everywhere: it rewrites the request you send to any website you visit so you can be sure your browser produces the secure version of that site. Browse assured that all your personal information is kept safe and your computer doesn't catch malware while you're online.




RiteTag: it shows you how hashtags are performing on Twitter and Facebook. Once you log in to RiteTag using your Twitter or Facebook credentials, it checks the hashtags you begin typing in real time and color codes them.




MozBar: allows you to get insights about different websites simply by viewing a website. With one click, you can find search ranking and link coding information about all of the search results on a Google results page.




Infinity New Tab: it includes a feature known as Speed Dial that produces large icon-based shortcuts to your most frequently visited websites. You can customize them with new websites as needed, and add productivity widgets like to-do lists to each new tab as well.




AwesomeScreenShot: a screen capture extension with capabilities for annotation and photo editing while staying in your browser. Once you take a screenshot of a selected area of your screen, or an entire web page, you can crop, highlight, draw shapes and blur sensitive information.




Grammarly: a go-to app for reviewing blog posts for proper spelling, grammar, and word use. You can drop large pieces of text into the desktop application for review, or you can use the handy Chrome extension to call out any grammar errors you're making while typing.




StayFocusd: lets you budget your time on specific websites so you can eliminate distractions when you need to buckle down and work! It's highly customizable so you can set how much time you are willing to spend on different sites such as Twitter or Facebook.


As a BONUS we want to recommend HubSpot’s Social Chrome Extension. It allows you to create and schedule social media content from the webpage you are currently visiting to any of your social profiles.

If you want more extensions, don’t hesitate to read the complete blog post shared by HubSpot.


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