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A new yearlong study conducted by WDS, has found that Android devices are more likely to develop hardware problems than other brands of smartphones. This hasn’t been a huge surprise as Android has made a name for itself by bringing affordable smartphones to the masses on each network. Being Android is an open platform and is free to use by anyone, it is the ideal OS for lesser known cell phone manufactures who are want to release their first entry level phone. The unfortunate part of this is that these no name phones are bringing down the overall quality rating for android, which is something RIM and Apple can control as they develop their own hardware. The study does note that name brand Android phones, like HTC, Samsung, or Motorola, have much less returns due to hardware failure.

  • 3.7% RIM BlackBerry
  • 8.0% Apple iPhones
  • 9.0% Windows Phone 7
  • 14% Android Phones

While the old saying applies here, you get what you pay for, it is good for both the customers and the carriers to reevaluate which low end brands to keep, as phones with a high percentage of failures can cost both the customer and the Network more money in the long run do to constantly needing to replace broken phones. As our phones gain more traction as business devices, this is imperative.  With apps that offer IT Network Support Tools, Network Assessment tools, Productivity Tools and Time Management, the phone is more important than the PC or laptop, in many cases. See NSI's Top Recommended Apps here!

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