15 Run Commands to Help You Become a Power User

Power User Run Box

A power user is someone who uses the advanced features of the OS that a "normal" user wouldn't need access to. For many power users, getting to the right menu's and utilities as quickly as possible is a must have. Below is a list of 15 Run Commands that every power user should be acquainted with.


Add/Remove Porgrams appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control admintools
Check Disk Utility chkdsk
Component Services dcomcnfg
Computer Management compmgmt.msc
Control Panel control
Device Manager devmgmt.msc
Disk Cleanup Utility cleanmgr
Disk Management diskmgmt.msc
Driver Verifier Utility verifier
Registry Editor regedit
Remote Desktop mstsc
System Configuration Utility                         msconfig
System Information msinfo32
Task Manager taskmgr

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