Ever Wonder Why Online is Cheaper?

Written By: Bob Walker, NSI Purchasing Director

Here is a perfect example of what happens when you or your customers purchases a product online and experience a problem.

A few weeks ago, Andy had me purchase a SATA USB Docking Station from NewEgg.  95% of the time these deals go smoothly but when we received this unit it was defective.  I started the process by calling NewEgg and after 15 minutes or so was directed to the online tech support.  Proceeded to enter all of the information into the system and after another 15 minutes of going back and forth with the technician it was evident that I was not going to get this replaced without going to the manufacturer.  I proceeded to the mfg site and spoke to a representative and they guided me thru the RMA process.  I was informed that I would have to send the unit back to them at my expense.  (would have been $12.75) and along with the package include a check for $10.00 for processing.  I would also have to supply them with our  NSI UPS or Fed X account number in which would be another $12.75 in shipping.  The processing time would be in the neighborhood of two weeks plus shipping time.

 So…the original product cost $29.00.  The exchange of this unit (which has a 1 year warranty) would come to $35.50.

Imagine if this was a product that weighed 40lbs. Your talking in just shipping alone a cost of $50.00.

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