Do's and Don'ts of Creating Passwords

Password security is one of those things that you don't think about until its too late, here we outline a simple list of Do's and Don'ts when picking a secure password. Hint: if you password is a simple dictionary word with a couple numbers its not secure.


  • Use at least 8 characters.
  • Include a digit or punctuation.
  • Use upper and lower case.
  • Choose a phrase or combination of words to make the password easier to remember.
  • May be two words separated by a non-letter non-digit.
  • Use different passwords on different machines.
  • Change password regularly and don't reuse passwords or make minor variations such an incrementing a digit.


  • Use the account name
  • A word from the dictionary or a name of a person
  • Use any reference to pop culture; movies, books, songs, religion
  • Use keyboard sequences; QWERTY, or ASDFGHJKL
  • Use reversed words
  • Use words with the vowels deleted
  • Use the first letter capitalized
  • User only vowels or consonants in uppercase
  • Anything that personally relates to you
    • Name of school
    • Birthday
    • Friends names
    • Street names
    • Serial numbers
    • Social security number
    • Use publicly shown examples of good passwords
    • Translated words from other languages

A simple way to make a strong password that covers these characteristics is to think of a sentence, “Password Security is not something to take lightly” then use the first letters from each word "PSINSTTL". We now have an 8 character random looking password; from here we alter it to make it more difficult “p51NStT!”. While it might not be feasible for everyone to have such a difficult password, but the more effort you put into it the less likely it will be stolen.

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