8 Life Hacks for the Office Space

Back by popular demand - Jay from the NSI Help Desk offers 8 “Life Hacks” for the office space.  Take it away, Jay... 

Life Hack, Lifehack: /ˈlaɪfˌhæk/ Noun:

“Any procedure or action that solves a problem, simplifies a task, reduces frustration, etc, in one's everyday life.”

I am reminded every day to “work smarter, not harder”. Most of us use life hacks without even knowing. The problem with life hacks is most of us forget to share the best ones, like using a fork to dunk an Oreo cookie in milk. This is brilliant, well, not really but next time you have an Oreo, you’ll think about it. Here are my top 8:


  1. Tired at the office and coffee isn’t doing the trick? A cold cup of ice water will wake you up quicker without the extra caffeine.
  2. Need to edit a photo quickly but don’t have photoshop on your PC? Go to Sumopaint.com for an online free version. Open your file and get working with no download needed!
  3. Is your mobile device battery low but don’t have the wall adaptor? You can plug you phone into a TV, Cable box, DVD player or almost anything else that has a usb connection.
  4. Need to see two things on one monitor but don’t want to resize the the windows? Windows Snap will do just that. Drag the window all the way to the right or left it will automatically resize to half screen (windows 7 or better required).
  5. Instead of pressing the backspace key like a maniac. Just hold Ctrl + press backspace. It will delete one whole word at a time.
  6. iOS 7 has a built-in level (vertical or horizontal) if you swipe the compass to the left or right.
  7. If you accidentally close a tab in a browser, press Ctrl + Shift + t to reopen it.
  8. Charge your cell phone faster by enabling Airplane Mode. Just remember, airplane mode disables pretty much everything until its put back in regular mode.

Bonus: do a google IMAGE search for Atari breakout. Have fun.

What are your favorite life hacks?

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