Virtualization for Small/Med Businesses

Is my business too small for something like Virtualization?

At NSI, we hear this question a lot, and the verdict is: Your business is NOT too small to virtualize. Virtualization is a readily available and affordable solution for the small or medium business.

Benefits of Virtualization for the Small Business

  • Less Hardware – Using Virtualization means you need less hardware, and you get more from the hardware you have. Less hardware means less capital expense, less energy consumption, and less maintenance costs.
  • More Utilization – If you have a few servers running your applications, virtualization makes use of every resource inside those machines. Without virtualization, you lose the ability to tap into everything your servers have to offer your business. You bought a server but you only get to use half of what it can do unless you virtualize.
  • Disaster Recovery – In its simplest form, disaster recovery means the ability to get back to a point in time when things were good. With server virtualization and a proper backup system in place, you can be back to when things were good in just minutes.
  • Test Security Updates and Patches – This is probably the least sexy, yet most useful element of using virtualization for your small business. Your business is not immune to failed patches and updates that cause issues or even go as far as to crash a server. Size has nothing to do with this vulnerability. The ability to quickly create an exact virtual copy of your server, install the patch or update, and test the outcome while everyone is busy working, is priceless. Once tested and verified, you know you can safely green light the patch.

The most common reason a small or mid-sized business votes down virtualization, is because they don't understand the technology. It is confusing. We aren't going to say it isn't, but our IT Consultants can explain it in a way that makes sense and NSI can support your new virtualized environment and care for it like it was our own.

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