Executive Roundtable Series

Since the pandemic struck many businesses found themselves juggling their day-to-day activities and finding a feasible solution to shifting their workforce to a remote setup. It might be easy to assume that once the workforce is shifted back towards the office then reverting back to the previous setup is achievable without any major setbacks. 

Well… easier said than done!

Only one in five (20%)  chief financial officers  said they believed their companies could resume “business as usual” within a month if the crisis ended today. 

Planning, managing, and executing the task of getting both the workforce and facilities on track to resume activities as usual is a daunting task for any sized business. At the heart of this task lie Operations Directors as they have to ensure the business is able to make the shift in a way that activities, production, and profitability are affected in the least amount possible. 

Join Tom McDonald (NSI) and other Directors of Operations based in CT to discuss how this task should be managed.

Roundtable Takeaways:

  • Key challenges to take into consideration 
  • Successful strategies that have been implemented by companies already making the shift
  • How management and board of directors have to come together in order to make it possible (and the role they play).


Thursday, June 17th, 11 AM

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