NSI’s “MacGyver” to the Rescue

NSI recently received a customer email that would brighten any manager’s day…a member of our team had earned praise worthy of a secret agent troubleshooter!

“We are all extremely impressed with the tech that came out today,” said Lynn Pietrowicz of PQ Controls.  “I don’t know his name but someone from your office said he had the nickname of MacGyver.”describe the image

That would be NSI service technician Jeff Lister, who was nicknamed after the television action-adventure hero for his long history of saving customers from disasters, large and small.

In this case, PQ Controls – a global supplier of heavy duty joysticks and other industrial control products (operations in Connecticut and Maine) had a printer crash.

”He was very professional and courteous and seemed to know almost instantly what was wrong,” Pietrowicz said.

In fact, it was all a team effort with NSI Technical Services Coordinator Tammy Graziano and NSI Maintenance Contracts Administrator Bruce Trammel both pitching in to provide customer support.

“I thank you all for going out of your way for us,” Pietrowicz said “Not only for having Jeff come out, but for the additional phone calls etc.”

And a special message was reserved for MacGyver himself.

“Please thank him personally from all of us.”